Ngadi Group Power Limited (NGPL) Calls Special General Meeting (SGM) to Discuss Right Shares and Other Agendas

Ngadi Group Power Limited (NGPL) has scheduled a Special General Meeting (SGM) to take place on the 14th of Shrawan, 2080. The meeting will be held at Lord Party Venue in Dhumbarahi and is set to commence at 10 am on that day.

The SGM will address several important agendas, including the endorsement of 100% right shares based on the company’s current paid-up capital of Rs. 1.85 Arba. Another item on the agenda is the proposed change in the company’s location, which will require amending the Articles of Association subsequent to the issuance of the right shares. The shareholders will be asked to grant full authority to the Board of Directors (BoDs) to execute the necessary actions related to these amendments in accordance with the guidance provided by the regulatory board. Additionally, the meeting will discuss the repayment of debt incurred by the company.

It is important to note that the book closure date is set for Shrawan 04. Shareholders who maintain their ownership before this date will be eligible to attend the SGM.

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