Announcement: Nepal Infrastructures Investment Fund Limited Calls 1st Special General Meeting to Discuss Key Agendas and Shareholder Participation

Nepal Infrastructures Investment Fund Limited has announced its plans to hold the 1st Special General Meeting (SGM) on the 7th of Shrawan, 2080. The meeting will take place in Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur, and is scheduled to commence at 10 am on the aforementioned day.

The SGM will address several important agendas that require the attention and participation of the shareholders. Firstly, there will be a proposal to amend the Articles of Association, which are the fundamental rules governing the company’s operations. This suggests that certain changes or updates are being considered to ensure the smooth functioning and adaptability of the organization.

Additionally, another significant item on the agenda is the issuance of 100% right shares from the company’s paid-up capital. This means that existing shareholders will have the opportunity to acquire additional shares in proportion to their existing holdings. The Board of Directors (BODs) will be entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing this process, granting them full authority in its execution.

Furthermore, the meeting aims to discuss the recruitment of strategic founding investors following the issuance of the right shares. This indicates the company’s intention to bring in new investors who can contribute strategically to the growth and development of the organization. By attracting these investors, Nepal Infrastructures Investment Fund Limited aims to strengthen its financial position and gain valuable expertise and resources.

It is important to note that the book closure date has been set for Ashad 28. This means that only shareholders registered before this date will be eligible to attend the SGM. Therefore, shareholders are urged to ensure their registration is completed before Ashad 28 to participate in this significant meeting.

Overall, the 1st Special General Meeting of Nepal Infrastructures Investment Fund Limited holds great importance for the company and its shareholders. The proposed agendas, including the amendment of the Articles of Association, issuance of right shares, and recruitment of strategic founding investors, reflect the company’s efforts to enhance its operations and secure a strong financial foundation for future growth.

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