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EarnMoney.com.np launched in 2001 when the concept of ‘working at home’ and ‘making money online’ was almost non-existent in Nepal and was very new even in western countries. We then provided a unique platform for Nepalese to work from home analyzing websites and updating our client’s database.

EarnMoney.com.np now focuses on providing our visitors with strategies for working from home and making money online. There are several blogs and websites on the internet that do the same thing. However, due to the payment constraints in Nepal, we can not benefit from all the programs available on the internet. At EarnMoney.com.np, we select the best out of those available on the internet that allow Nepalese to work with him.

Apart from that, our major focus is to provide our visitors with the latest Nepali news related to Nepal Stock Exchange, Economy, Business, Finance and the Market.

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Kathmandu, Nepal.

Email: email @ earnmoney.com.np