AHPC Board Decisions: Special General Meeting and Right Share Issuance

The Board of Directors of Arun Valley Hydropower Development Company Limited (AHPC) recently held a meeting at 3 PM, where they made significant decisions. One of the key resolutions reached during the meeting was to convene a Special General Meeting (SGM) on Ashad 07, 2080. The purpose of the SGM is to discuss and seek approval for various matters pertaining to the company.

The primary agenda on the table is the endorsement of the issuance of right shares in a 1:1 ratio. This means that AHPC plans to issue 18,679,626 right shares with a par value of Rs. 100, amounting to a total value of Rs. 1.86 Arba. The intention behind issuing these right shares is twofold and has specific targets for the allocated funds.

The first objective is to invest 50% of the total amount raised through the right shares, which corresponds to 9,339,813 unit right shares worth Rs. 93.39 crore, into the Likhu Khola Hydropower Project. This particular project, with a capacity of 30 MW, is being promoted by PK Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. By allocating these shares, AHPC aims to support the development and implementation of the Likhu Khola Hydropower Project.

The second objective is to utilize the remaining 9,339,813 unit shares worth Rs. 93.39 crore to repay the loan taken by AHPC for the Kabeli ‘B’-1 Cascade Hydropower Project, located in Panchthar. The issuance of right shares will facilitate the company in meeting its financial obligations and reducing its debt burden.

These decisions, which include calling for an SGM and endorsing the issuance of right shares with specific allocations, will be presented during the Special General Meeting. It is during this meeting that AHPC’s shareholders will have the opportunity to discuss, deliberate, and ultimately vote on these matters. The outcomes of the SGM will shape the future actions and direction of Arun Valley Hydropower Development Company Limited.

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