Gold Sets New All-Time High, Surging by Rs. 800 from Previous Day’s Price

Gold has once again broken its all-time high record by increasing Rs. 800 from yesterday’s price. As reported by the official website of the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association, the current trading rate for fine gold stands at Rs. 113,300 per tola, compared to yesterday’s rate of Rs. 112,500 per tola. Similarly, Tejabi gold is being traded at Rs. 112,750 today, while yesterday’s rate was maintained at Rs. 111,950 per tola.

Yesterday, the price of gold reached an unprecedented high, with tejabi gold priced at Rs. 111,950 per tola and fine gold at Rs. 112,500 per tola. Alongside this, silver has also witnessed an increase of Rs. 25 per tola. Currently, silver is being traded in the local market at Rs. 1,435 per tola, compared to yesterday’s closing rate of Rs. 1,410 per tola.

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