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Nepali Calendar 2080 AD

The Nepali calendar, also known as the Bikram Sambat or B.S. calendar, is the official calendar of Nepal. It is a lunisolar calendar system that is used alongside the Gregorian calendar. The calendar is named after King Vikramaditya of India, and “Sambat” means era.

The Nepali calendar is based on the ancient Hindu Bikrami calendar, which has been modified to suit the cultural and religious practices of Nepal. It follows a combination of solar and lunar movements to determine dates and festivals.

The calendar begins in mid-April and is divided into 12 months, with each month consisting of either 29 or 30 days. The extra days in a lunar year are adjusted by adding an intercalary month called “Adhik” every three years. This ensures that the lunar and solar cycles remain aligned.

The names of the months in the Nepali calendar are as follows:

  1. Baisakh
  2. Jestha
  3. Ashad
  4. Shrawan
  5. Bhadra
  6. Ashwin
  7. Kartik
  8. Mangsir
  9. Poush
  10. Magh
  11. Falgun
  12. Chaitra

The Nepali calendar is widely used for official and religious purposes in Nepal. It determines the dates of various festivals, cultural events, and government holidays observed in the country.