Gains Rs 2,900 per tola in one day, trading at Rs 110,000

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Gold prices are again making news, since the value of gold reached an high on March 19, 2023, i.e. today. Today’s gain is the consequence of a Rs. 2900 one-day increase from yesterday’s pricing.

According to the of Nepal Gold Silver Dealers’ Association’s official website, fine gold is now at Rs. 110,000 per tola. Yesterday, the tariff remained unchanged at Rs. 107,100 per tola. Meanwhile, Tejabi gold is currently trading at Rs. 109500. In contrast, the was kept at Rs. 106,600 per tola yesterday.

In the last 10 days, the price of gold has climbed by Rs. 9500 per tola. Gold was priced at Rs 1,00,500 per tola on March 9, 2023.


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