Barun Hydropower Company Limited (BARUN) Calls Special General Meeting to Discuss 1:1 Rights Offering and Amendments

Barun Hydropower Company Limited (BARUN) has announced its plans to hold a Special General Meeting (SGM) on the 14th of Shrawan, 2080. The meeting is scheduled to take place at Lord Party Venue in Dhumbarahi and will commence at 1 pm.

During the SGM, BARUN will propose a 1:1 ratio rights offering, equivalent to 100% of the company’s paid-up capital, which currently stands at Rs. 53.58 Crores. It is important to note that the issuance of these right shares is subject to approval from the regulatory bodies. If approved, the issuance will result in an increase in the company’s paid-up capital to Rs. 1.07 Arba.

Considering the potential increase in the company’s capital after the issuance of the right shares, the SGM will also address the need for amending relevant sections of the Articles of Association. The purpose of these amendments is to align the Articles of Association with the updated capital structure. Furthermore, the shareholders will be asked to grant full authority to the Board of Directors (BoDs) to carry out the necessary work related to the amendments, as guided by the regulatory board.

It should be noted that the book closure date for the SGM is set for Shrawan 05. Shareholders who maintain their ownership before this date will be eligible to attend the meeting and participate in the decision-making process.

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