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Exciting Opportunities Await: Ridi Power Company Calls Special General Meeting for Lucrative Rights Offering and Capital Amendment

Ridi Power Company Limited (RIDI) has announced its plan to hold a Special General Meeting (SGM) on 8th Ashad, 2080. The meeting will take place at the Indreni Complex in Naya Baneshwor, Kathmandu, starting at 11 am.

One of the key proposals on the agenda is a rights offering of a 1:0.50 ratio, which means that existing shareholders will have the opportunity to purchase additional shares at a ratio of one share for every two shares held. The total number of rights shares being offered is 77,44,506 units, valued at Rs. 77.44 Crores. However, this issuance is subject to approval by the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON).

The rights shares will be issued based on the company’s paid-up capital, which currently stands at Rs. 1,54,89,01,200. If approved, the authorized, issued, and paid-up capital of the company will increase accordingly. To facilitate these changes, the meeting will also seek to amend the relevant sections of the Articles of Association and grant full authority to the Board of Directors (BoDs) to carry out the necessary amendments as guided by the regulatory board.

The book closure date for shareholders to be eligible to attend the SGM is Jestha 32. This means that shareholders who hold shares in the company on or before this date will have the right to participate in the meeting and have their voices heard.

The SGM serves as an important platform for shareholders to discuss and decide on crucial matters related to the company’s future direction and growth.


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