“Upper Lohore Hydropower Company Limited Announces IPO Updates: Closure for Nepalese Citizens Working Abroad and Extension for Project-Affected Locals”

Upper Lohore Hydropower Company Limited has provided updates regarding its initial public offering (IPO) of shares. The IPO is now closed to Nepalese citizens working abroad as of the 21st of Ashad, 2080. However, the deadline for project-affected locals in the Dailekh District has been extended until the 5th of Shrawan. The IPO process started on the 7th of Ashad, 2080.

The company’s issued capital is Rs. 50.98 Crores, with 10% of the shares, worth Rs. 5.09 crores, allocated to project-affected locals in Dailekh District. Another 39% of the company’s issued capital, equivalent to 19,88,236 units, will be offered to the general public at a later date. Within the public issue, 10% of the shares, totaling 198,824 units, are reserved for Nepalese citizens working abroad, and the closing date for their participation is today.

The minimum application quantity for both project-affected locals and Nepalese citizens working abroad is 10 units, while the maximum is 25,000 units.

NIC Asia Capital Limited is the appointed issue manager, and after the IPO, the promoter-public share ratio will be 51:49.

According to the Central Depository System and Clearing Limited (CDSC), 23,846 applications have been received from Nepalese citizens working abroad, with a total of 585,570 units applied for so far.

The Upper Lohore Hydropower Company Limited has been assigned a ‘CARE-NP BB- (Is)’ rating by Credit Rating Nepal Limited (CRNL), indicating a moderate risk of default regarding financial obligations in Nepal.

Established as a private limited company on November 10, 2017, the Upper Lohore Hydropower Company Limited has since become a public limited company. The company’s main focus is the development of the Upper Lohore Hydropower Project in the Dailekh district, with a capacity of 4MW as a run-of-the-river type project.

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