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Gold Prices Drop by Rs. 1700 per Tola, Silver Also Declines by Rs. 20 per Tola

Gold prices experienced a decline today, losing Rs. 1700 per tola. According to the official website of the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association, the current trading price for fine gold stands at Rs. 111,600 per tola, whereas it was maintained at Rs. 113,300 per tola the previous day. Similarly, Tejabi gold is being traded at Rs. 112,750 today, compared to the rate of Rs. 110,450 per tola on the previous day.

In addition to the drop in gold prices, the price of silver also decreased by Rs. 20 per tola. The current trading rate for silver in the local market is Rs. 1,415 per tola, whereas it closed at Rs. 1,435 per tola the previous day.

As for the international market, the current price of gold is recorded at USD $1,947.50 per ounce, while silver is being traded at $23.59 per ounce.

These fluctuations in the prices of gold and silver reflect the dynamic nature of the precious metals market. Factors such as global market trends, economic conditions, and investor sentiment contribute to the rise and fall of prices. Investors and traders closely monitor these changes to make informed decisions regarding their investments in gold and silver.


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