Gold Price in Nepal Drops by Rs. 900 per Tola, Silver also Declines by Rs. 25 per Tola

Today, the price of gold has experienced a decline of Rs. 900 per tola in the domestic market. As reported by the official website of the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association, the current trading rate for fine gold stands at Rs. 111,800 per tola, compared to yesterday’s rate of Rs. 112,700 per tola. Similarly, Tejabi gold is being traded at Rs. 111,250 today, down from the previous rate of Rs. 112,150 per tola.

In addition, the price of silver has also witnessed a decrease of Rs. 25 per tola. The lustrous white metal is currently being traded at Rs. 1,425 per tola in the local market, whereas yesterday’s closing rate was Rs. 1,450 per tola.

It’s worth noting that the international market is reflecting a gold price of USD $1,946.80 per ounce, while silver is being traded at $23.77 per ounce.

These fluctuations in gold and silver prices reflect the dynamic nature of the market and can be influenced by various factors such as global economic conditions, demand and supply dynamics, geopolitical events, and investor sentiment. Investors and individuals involved in the precious metals market closely monitor these price changes to make informed decisions regarding buying or selling gold and silver.

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