RMDC Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited Lists 32.26 Lakh Unit Bonus Shares on NEPSE

Recently, RMDC Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (RMDC) announced the listing of 32,26,772.45 unit bonus shares on the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE). This development came after the company’s 24th Annual General Meeting (AGM), which took place on the 10th of Chaitra. During the AGM, the shareholders approved a dividend of 27.3684% for the fiscal year 2078/79.

In a board meeting held on the 19th of Mangsir, the company’s directors decided to distribute the dividend based on the paid-up capital of Rs. 1.24 Arba. The proposed dividend consisted of 26% bonus shares valued at Rs. 32.26 crores and a 1.3684% cash dividend, inclusive of tax, worth Rs. 1.69 crore.

Following the decision, the bonus shares were officially listed on the NEPSE. Last week, RMDC closed at a price of Rs. 714 per share. This listing provides an opportunity for investors to trade the bonus shares and potentially benefit from the value they hold.

To summarize, RMDC Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited has successfully listed 32,26,772.45 unit bonus shares on the NEPSE, following the company’s AGM and subsequent decision by the board of directors to distribute dividends. The market price of RMDC shares closed at Rs. 714 last week, creating potential trading opportunities for investors.

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