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NEPSE Index Declines by 17.38 Points

The NEPSE (Nepal Stock Exchange) index concluded today’s trading session at 1,901.99 points, reflecting a loss of 17.38 points from the previous closing. This represents a decrease of 0.91% in the index. However, it is worth noting that the index had experienced a gain of 53.03 points in the preceding trading session.

At the beginning of today’s trading, the index opened at 1,922.13 points. Throughout the day, it reached an intraday high of 1,935.80 points. However, it also experienced a dip, with the lowest point recorded at 1,899.54 points before ultimately closing at 1,901.99 points. These fluctuations in the index’s value indicate the dynamic nature of the stock market and the varying levels of buying and selling activity by investors.

During the trading session, a total of 277 scrips were traded through 36,568 transactions. The total volume of shares exchanged amounted to 5,620,381, corresponding to a turnover of Rs. 1.97 Arba. It is noteworthy that this turnover amount is higher than the turnover recorded in the previous trading day, which stood at Rs. 1.65 Arba. These figures highlight the level of market activity and the value of shares being bought and sold by investors.

Investors closely monitor the NEPSE index and trading activity as it provides insights into the performance and sentiment of the stock market. Fluctuations in the index and turnover amount can impact investment decisions and overall market sentiment.


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