Starting today, Prabhu Bank will be selling 46,74,396 units of promoter shares to the general public and institutions.

From now, that is, on 12 Falgun through 26 Falgun, 2079, the current promoters of Prabhu Bank Limited (PRVU) are selling its 46,74,396 unit promoter share at an auction.

There will be an auction for 46,74,396 units of promoter shares. In an auction, bids may be submitted by institutions, businesses, or individual investors. The minimum bid is Rs. 123. 10,000 units are the required minimum bid amount for promoter shares. Bidders are allowed to offer for the full issue, but they must adhere to the Nepal Rastra Bank’s guideline that they cannot offer for more shares per entity than what is allowed.

The auction manager is Prabhu Capital Ltd. On Falgun 27, at the auction manager’s location, bids will begin to be accepted at 11 a.m.

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