Global IME Bank’s “11.25% Global IME Bank Debenture 2084/85” will close today & applications for a minimum of 25 units can be submitted.

Global IME Bank Ltd will close the public issuance of the “11.25% Global IME Bank Debenture 2084/85” today, February 5th.

The issue had begun on the 29th of Magh and was scheduled to end on the 3rd of Falgun. Nevertheless, the bank earlier declared in a notification that the deadline will be extended until February 14, although the subscription would expire as soon as it is subscribed. Because the offering is now oversubscribed, the business will shut it today till the end of banking hours.

50 lakh units would be issued at a par value of Rs.1000 each. 30 lakh units of the overall offer will be subscribed through private placement, while the remaining 20 lakh shares totaling Rs. 2 Arba are eligible for public issuance, with 5% reserved for mutual funds. The offering would generate a total of Rs 5 arba.

Sunrise Capital Ltd has been named the issue manager. Investors can apply for as little as 25 units and as many as 100,000 units.

The “11.25% Global IME Bank Debenture 2084/85” has a maturity duration of 5 years and will provide unit holders with 11.25% annual yields until the date of maturity.

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