615,104.47 Unit Shares of Best Finance Company in Falgun 01 Auction

From the 1st through the 15th of Falgun, 2079, Best Finance Company Limited (BFC) will auction 58,429.90 units of ordinary shares and 556,674.57 units of promoter shares.

A total of 615,104.47 unit shares will be auctioned, including 58,429.90 ordinary shares and 556,674.57 promoter shares.Previously, from Bhadra 27 to Kartik 14, 2074, the corporation issued 1:1.3 ratio right shares, i.e. 1,652,850.00 units, to its qualified shareholders. The remaining unclaimed right shares will now be auctioned off beginning January 1st.

The auction is open to all existing promoters, the general public, and institutions. The auction’s minimum bid price is Rs. 100. The minimum bid quantity for promoter shares is 1000 units, whereas the minimum bid quantity for ordinary shares is 100 units. Although bidders may bid for the full issue, they must follow Nepal Rastra Bank’s guideline of not exceeding the specified number of shares per organization.Prabhu Capital has been named auction manager.

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