On Sunday, the Asian Hydropower IPO Allocation will be completed; 69,720 Applicants Will Get 10 Units Each.

On Sunday, or 14 Falgun 2079, is when Asian Hydropower Limited will distribute its first public offering (IPO) shares. From that day at 9 am, the allotment program would take place on the grounds of the issue manager, NMB Capital Ltd, in Naxal.

From the 27th Magh to the 3rd Falgun, the company distributed 6,97,200 units of shares with a face value of 100 rupees to the general public as part of an IPO. Of of the entire 840,000 units, 10%, or 84,000 units, have already been issued and allocated to Nepalese people living and working abroad. 2%, or 16,800 units, were set aside for the company’s employees, while 5%, or 42,000 units, of the total offered shares, were reserved for mutual funds.

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