Decrease in Sales Revenue and Increase in Finance Cost Results 33.12% Decline in Net Profit of Supermai Hydropower for Q2

The second quarter (Q2) of the current FY 2079/80 had a net profit decline of 33.12% for Supermai Hydropower Limited (SMHL). From Rs. 7.50 crores in the same quarter last year, the earnings dropped to Rs. 5.0184 crores this quarter.

This quarter’s net profit decreased as a result of a fall in sales income and an increase in finance expenses.

In this quarter, the company generated total revenue of Rs. 13.93 crores, a reduction of 6.27% over the same quarter of the previous year.

With a share capital of 40 crore rupees, it has a reserve fund of 5.30 crore rupees. Its net worth per share is Rs 113.26, and its yearly earnings per share are Rs 25.09.

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