Reliable Nepal Life Insurance IPO: 12 Lakh Unit Shares for Nepalese Citizens Working Abroad


Reliable Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited has initiated the issuance of 12,00,000 units of IPO shares exclusively for Nepalese citizens working abroad. The IPO shares will be available for subscription starting today, July 27th, and the closing date for the issue is August 10th. The company’s total issued capital is Rs. 4 Arba, with 30% of the shares, or 1,20,00,000 units, being offered to the public. Out of this, 10% (12,00,000 units) has been allocated for Nepalese citizens working abroad, 5% (600,000 units) for company employees, and 5% (600,000 units) for mutual funds. The remaining 96,00,000 units will be made available to the general public at a later stage.


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