“Sun Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited Initiates IPO Issue for Nepalese Citizens Working Abroad”

Sun Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited has commenced the issuance of 9,60,000 unit IPO shares exclusively for Nepalese citizens working abroad, starting from today, 1st Shrawan. The IPO issue will remain open until the 15th Shrawan, 2080.

The total issued capital of the life insurance company amounts to Rs. 3.2 Arba, of which 30% or 96,00,000 unit shares will be made available to the public, including Nepalese citizens working abroad and the general public. Among the total shares being issued, 10% or 960,000 units have been allocated specifically for Nepalese citizens working abroad. The remaining 86,40,000 units will be issued later to the general public, encompassing employees of the company and mutual funds.

The IPO shares will be offered at a price of Rs. 239 per share, which includes a premium price of Rs. 139 in addition to the face value of Rs. 100.

Nepal SBI Merchant Banking has been appointed as the issue manager for the IPO, which aims to raise a total of Rs. 2.22 Arba for Sun Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited. Out of this amount, Rs. 1.26 Arba will be allocated as the premium amount, while the remaining portion will contribute to the company’s paid-up capital.

Established on August 2, 2017, Sun Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited is a licensed life insurance company authorized by the Insurance Board. The company offers a diverse range of products, including Money Back, Endowment, Whole Life, and Term Assurance products, through its extensive sales network. As of mid-December 2019, the company boasted a branch network of 21 (including the head office), 56 sub-branches, and 15,838 insurance agents.

In addition, CRNL (Credit Rating Nepal Limited) has assigned a grading of ‘CARE-NP IPO Grade 4’ to the proposed IPO of Sun Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited, indicating below-average fundamentals. The company intends to issue 60 lakh shares with a target of raising Rs. 60 crores through the IPO.

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