Radhi Sana Hydropower Project’s 4.4 MW Capacity Put on Hold Due to Flood Damage

The Radhi Sana Hydropower Project, with a capacity of 4.4 MW and owned by Radhi Bidyut Company Limited (RADHI), has come to a halt due to flooding. The recent flood and landslide on Ashad 22 caused significant damage to the project’s headworks and head race pipe, resulting in the suspension of energy production.

Located in the Lamjung district of the Gandaki Province in Nepal, the Radhi Sana Hydropower Project operates as a run-of-the-river (R-o-R) type project. It was designed with a 40% probability of exceedance (Q40). Although the project was scheduled for commercial operation by April 13, 2013, it faced delays and was finally commissioned on June 14, 2014, approximately a year later than the required commercial operation date (RCOD).

Unfortunately, the recent flood has caused significant damage to the project’s infrastructure, leading to a temporary halt in energy generation. The company is likely assessing the extent of the damage and will need to undertake necessary repairs before resuming operations.

The interruption in the Radhi Sana Hydropower Project’s functioning is a setback for the company, as it impacts their ability to contribute to the local energy grid and meet the region’s power demands. Efforts will now be focused on restoring the damaged components and ensuring the project can resume its operations as soon as possible, providing clean and sustainable energy to the area once again.

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