IME General Insurance Promoter Shares are being divested by Hathway Investment Nepal (IGI)


The promoter shares of IME Insurance Limited will sold by Hathway Investment Nepal Limited (IGI).

One of the promoters of the insurance company is Hathway Investment, Nepal’s first private-equity investment firm. The company has filed a notice of intent to sell 2,09,809 IGI promoter shares. The IME Insurance 109th meeting, convened on Poush 25, resolved to submit its approval to Beema Samiti.

On Magh 16, the Beema Samiti approved the procedure. Thus, Hathway Investment Nepal Limited can now sell 2,09,809 IME Insurance Limited promoter shares within three months.

IGI’s ordinary shares have an LTP of Rs. 1,164 as of this writing. In the meantime, the promoter shares have an LTP of Rs. 304 and were last on September 27, 2020.

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