Siddhartha Premier Insurance’s 2.8 crore unit shares have been listed for trading on the NEPSE.

After a successful merger between Siddhartha Insurance Limited (SIL) and Premier Insurance Company (Nepal) Limited (PIC), 28,065,499 shares of Siddhartha Premier Insurance Limited (SPIL) were listed on NEPSE.

On the 27th of Ashad, 2079, SIL and PIC inked a merger agreement. The corporation had agreed to a merger with a swap ratio of 1:1. SIL’s paid-up capital was Rs. 1,403,920,000. PIC’s paid-up capital was Rs. 1,402,629,900 at the time. The newly combined firm “Siddhartha Premier Insurance Ltd” has a total paid-up capital of Rs. 2.8 Arba.Following a successful merger, SIL and PIC began the joint transaction as Siddhartha Premier Insurance Limited (SPIL) on Falgun 17, 2079. As a result, the listed shares will begin trading under the ticker “SPIL.”

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