Vision Lumbini Urja IPO Allotment: High Demand with Oversubscription of 6.54 Times

The Vision Lumbini Urja Company Limited’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) allotment is scheduled for the upcoming Tuesday, the 5th of Mangsir, 2080. The allotment ceremony will take place at the premises of the issue manager, Muktinath Capital Limited, located in Kathmandu.

Out of the total 2,400,410 units available, a portion has already been designated for specific groups. Specifically, 191,250 units have been allotted to Nepalese citizens working abroad, 95,625 units are earmarked for mutual funds, and 38,250 units are set aside for the company’s employees. The remaining 2,075,285 units are open for subscription by the general public at a par value of Rs. 100.

As reported by the Central Depository and Clearing Company (CDSC), a substantial response was received, with 1,194,820 applicants applying for a total of 135,761,60 units, amounting to Rs. 1.35 Arba as of the closing day. This indicates an oversubscription of 6.54 times the available units. Consequently, only 207,528 fortunate applicants will be successful in acquiring ownership stakes in the company.

In terms of credit ratings, ICRA Nepal has reaffirmed Vision Lumbini Urja Company Limited’s long-term rating at [ICRANP] LBB- (pronounced ICRA NP L double B minus) for its long-term loan limits. Additionally, the short-term rating of [ICRANP] A4 (pronounced ICRA NP A four) has been reaffirmed for its short-term loan limits.

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