Soaltee Hotel Limited Proposes 31.58% Dividend for FY 2079/80 and Announces 49th AGM

Soaltee Hotel Limited (SHL) has put forward a substantial dividend proposal of 31.58% for the fiscal year 2079/80. Additionally, the company has announced its 49th Annual General Meeting (AGM), scheduled for Poush 26, 2080.

During a board of directors meeting convened on Mangsir 01, 2080, the decision was made to allocate the proposed 31.58% dividend for the fiscal year 2079/80. The breakdown of the dividend includes 26.57894737% in the form of cash dividends and 5% in the form of bonus shares from the paid-up capital. The company’s current paid-up capital stands at Rs. 88.47 Crores, making the bonus shares valued at Rs. 44,235,753 and the cash dividend at Rs. 235,147,950. It’s important to note that the cash dividend encompasses the tax amount applicable to the bonus shares.

The book closure date for the proposed dividend and the AGM has been set for the 5th day of Poush, 2080. Consequently, shareholders who are recorded on or before this date are eligible to receive the dividend payout and are invited to participate in the AGM.

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