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There are eight things you should do to ensure that your laptop lasts as long as possible in Nepal

Laptops are far more convenient than desktop computers for the majority of people. The majority of people nowadays work on laptop computers. A good laptop can be as powerful as you want it to be, which is why there are so many high-priced models available.

Because a laptop is more expensive to replace, it is critical to understand how to properly care for it. Because you can take your laptop almost anywhere, it can withstand far more abuse than you might think. Today, we’ll give you a list of things you can do to make sure your laptop lasts a long time, especially if you’re in Nepal.

1. Ensure proper routine care

Without a doubt, this is the most crucial factor in ensuring that your laptop lasts a long time. Always be cautious when leaving your laptop unattended. Make sure it’s not in the vicinity of children or pets, and that it’s not facing the sun. Maintaining proper routine care is essential. Drinks and food should not be consumed in close proximity to the laptop. Holding the laptop by the screen is never a good idea. Maintaining a comfortable temperature for the laptop is essential, as is keeping it away from any electrical appliances.

2. Protect in a bag

It’s very likely that your laptop will accompany you on your travels, so it’s critical to keep it safe at all times. It is strongly advised that you purchase a suitable carry bag. Stacking items on top of the laptop should be avoided because it can damage the laptop’s components. Also, take good care of the screen. People frequently forget to place items on the laptop’s keyboard before closing the lid, which can cause the screen to crack. Always remember not to put anything on the keyboard in the first place. Slamming the lid shut could also damage the laptop.

3. Keep the laptop clean

If you’re working and carrying your laptop around, a lot of dirt, hair, dirt, and crumbs, to name a few, can get into it. This is potentially damaging to your laptop and will degrade its performance. Gunk can obstruct the fan’s ability to do its job, as well as affect the laptop’s temperature. It is always preferable to avoid allowing the gunk into the laptop in the first place. This is why you should keep drinks and foods away from your laptop. When you are not using the laptop, it is a good idea to close it and place it inside the case. Finally, some gunk is unavoidable, so it’s a good idea to clean your laptop with the right tools or take it to a professional when necessary.

4. Keep it clean inside

If your laptop has a hard drive, defragmenting it once every two months can improve the laptop’s performance. Keeping it clean on the inside also entails deleting any unnecessary files, folders, or apps. By freeing up space on your laptop and reducing the amount of work your hard drive has to do, you can improve its performance and reduce the amount of work it has to do.

5. Avoid overheating

A computer that is kept cool will always last longer. When you’re using your laptop, make sure there’s enough airflow. It is best to avoid using a laptop in bed or on the carpet. Using a pillow as padding should also be avoided because it can obstruct the laptop’s air vents. A cooling fan is recommended because it raises the laptop off the desk and has built-in fans that allow for better airflow. Limiting the number of programs you run can also help keep your laptop from overheating. You can always enable power-saving mode for normal use.

6. Run a virus scan

We spend a lot of time on the internet and download a lot of information. Along with downloading the things we require, we may unwittingly download malware or spyware. They’re a common cause of laptop sluggishness. A virus scan can help you identify the source of your slow computer and prevent malware attacks from occurring. Your browser selection can also aid in malware protection.

7. Taking care of the battery

The battery is an important component of your laptop and serves as the power source for it. In order to extend the battery’s life, it must be properly cared for. Make sure the batteries are kept at room temperature at all times. If you’re going to store your laptop for a few days, it’s best to keep the battery half charged rather than fully charged or uncharged. It goes without saying that you should not leave your laptop plugged in overnight.

8. Upgrade

Your laptop’s performance will gradually deteriorate over time. Instead of purchasing a new laptop, you can upgrade the parts in your current one, which can significantly improve the usability and performance of your machine. Hardware components that affect the performance of the laptop, such as fans, hard drives, and batteries, can be upgraded or replaced. You can upgrade your laptop’s hard drive and RAM, which will improve its speed, performance, and lifespan.


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