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10 Best Online Data Entry Jobs You Can Do During Lockdown

Everyone is looking for online data entry employment during the COVID-19 lockout days. Because they save money and help employees work more efficiently, businesses have resorted to freelance and online workers for assistance. Finances is one area where this favorable position has resulted in growth and flexibility for both individuals and employers.

Organizations’ decisions during the COVID-19 lockdown can help them save money on infrastructure and operations. Many established jobs now offer greater pay scales online when compared to in-house work.

Furthermore, due to their limited application in many industries, many internet data entry jobs are now outsourced and contracted. New developments, on the other hand, are now making a lot of job available online and for the right applicants in every area.

Top Online Data Entry Jobs During COVID-19 Lockdown

The following is a list of online data entry jobs that pay well and come in large quantities:

1. PDF to Word Conversion Jobs:

Good communication and language abilities are required for this type of work. Filling out excel sheets or a word document is a good idea. Furthermore, you must read and convert content from a PDF file to a Word document. There are many other translation doplusents accessible. In the same industry, there are numerous sub-jobs to choose from.

2. Writing, Editing, and Proofreading Jobs:

Some of the basic credentials for this type of work are excellent language skills, including but not limited to English. This procedure begins with the, which might lead to proofreading and, finally, editing work. Additionally, academic language skills are ideal for this type of work. In the industry, there are also unique assignments accessible. Focus on narrative formats as well, which have a lot of potential in the film and media industries.

3. Online Survey Jobs:

Taking an online survey is a simple and enjoyable method to earn money. This profession comprises filling out a survey after collecting feedback on their products and services. Many websites will compensate you if you complete an online survey. You can earn up to $300 depending on how many studies you complete in a month or week.

4. Form Filling Jobs:

The remuneration for this type of work is more than for a regular writing job. Separate chunks of data will be given to you to enter the value from a database into each field in the form. Because any incorrect entry will result in false data, this work needs great attention to detail.

5. Captcha Entry Jobs:

Captcha entry jobs allow you to enter captcha image numbers, alphanumeric data, and image texts into a spreadsheet or doplusent. You’ll also have to solve hundreds of captcha images every day. It’s a less complicated and more interesting job than the others on the list.

6. Payroll Data Entry Operator:

The majority of this job’s work is outsourced online due to the extensive use of internet recruiting software. Searching for candidates, entering candidate information and allowances, and receiving a list of candidates who have been shortlisted are just a few of the jobs available. The compensation for this work role is low at first (for newcomers), however the industry has a strong rate of growth.

7. EMail Processor:

This is a well-paying and creative work opportunity! You concentrate on e-mail delivery every day. Hundreds of e-mails are forwarded to different addresses. You’ll be in charge of tracking down the information and constructing a spreadsheet.

8. Transcription work: Transcription work entails converting audio to text. You’ll be given a phrase to memorize, which could be an audio file or a live performance. This type of data entry job typically requires additional skills and is conducted by medical experts. You can easily earn $50 each hour of audio transcription, which takes four to five hours depending on the file’s difficulty.

9. Word Processor:

This job entails entering data that will be utilized to create mailing labels, letters, and reports, among other things. Strong communication skills, as well as knowledge of punctuation, spelling, and grammar, are required. You may also be expected to use technical and statistical data to create tables, graphs, and charts.

10. Converting Files:

Finally, converting files from one format to another is a variation on data input labor in general. Among other things, you’ll be asked to convert an audio file or an image to PDF or Word format.

With the advancement of digital technology, online data entry jobs with proper pay scales are now available in practically every industry. The majority of it is also available on job boards online. Data entry jobs online are an excellent method to broaden your network, boost your profession, and protect your financial future.

These online occupations offer several benefits, and we strongly encourage you to explore them, especially during this shutdown period!


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