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How to transfer balance in NTC

If you’re seeking for a simple way to transfer your NTC balance, you’ve come to the perfect location. We will lead you through the procedure step by step in this blog article. So, whether you want to top up your phone or transfer money to a buddy, we’ll teach you how to do it fast and easily.

This post will show you how to quickly transfer your balance from NTC to NTC. We’ll also give you some pointers on how to get the most out of your NTC service.

How To Transfer Balance In NTC

You can transfer your balance in NTC in different ways. You can transfer your balance in NTC via different methods. We will discuss two methods in this blog post.

You can transfer the NTC balance without a security code. And, also there is another way to transfer the balance where you have to provide your valid security code.

How to Get the Security Code of NTC?

To transfer balance NTC to NTC you have to require your security code. If you know the security code of the sender’s NTC card, You can proceed instant balance transfer to NTC. but, if you don’t know your security number, here is the complete guide on how you can get that.

To Get the Security Code of NTC, follow this process:

  1. Open themessaging appon your phone.
  2. TypeSCODEas content
  3. Sendit to1415
  4. Wait for thereply

You’ll get an instant reply “Dear customer, your password is being reset.”

After a few seconds you’ll get another reply from the telecom, “Dear Your Name, the password reset has been completed according to your request. Your new password is ********. If you need further support, please contact”

“Our customer service staff –**-***-**** **:**:**”

After receiving your security code for theNTC sim card, you can use this code to transfer the balance in NTC to NTC.

Note: Your security code is always 8 digits long.

NTC Balance Transfer Through USSD

After you know your security code, follow these steps for a successful NTC balance transfer.

  1. Open thecall-dialing keypadon your phone
  2. Type*422*
  3. Enter thesecurity code
  4. Type*
  5. Now, enter the NTCnumberwhere you want to transfer the balance
  6. Type*again
  7. Enter theamountyou want to transfer
  8. Type#
  9. Now, press thecall button

Congratulations!! You have successfully transferred the balance.

You’ll get a notification on your messaging app “*** Rupees has been successfully transferred to 98********”

NTC Transfer Balance Via NT App

You can transfer your balance in NTC via the NT App. To do this, you will need to have the NT App installed on your phone. Once you have the NT App installed, you will need to open it and sign in. Once you are signed in, you will see your balance at the top of the screen.

You can download the NT app from the google play store and apple store. This is the best and fastest way to NTC balance transfer. You can transfer NTC balance without a security number.

Follow this process to transfer the balance in NTC using NT App:

  1. Open theNTC app
  2. Click theRed Buttonthat says Transfer Balance
  3. Enter the destined prepaidNTC mobile number
  4. Enter theamountyou want to transfer
  5. ClickOK
  6. TheOTPwill be asked and at the same time will be sent to your number.
  7. Validatethe OTP

You have successfully transferred the balance into the number!!

You can do the process of NTC balance transfer using the NT App. NTC to NTC balance transfer can be done without a security code in NT App. If you want to transfer your NTC balance without a security code, use NT App Online. If you don’t have internet connectivity you can also use this app offline to transfer your NTC balance.


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