Sunrise Bank Limited Promoters Auction 122,045 Units of Shares to Public and Institutions

Sunrise Bank Limited (SRBL) has announced that the existing promoters of the bank will be auctioning 122,045 units of shares to the general public and institutions starting from today, which is the 18th of Jestha, 2080. Initially, the founder shareholders had issued a notice on the 7th of Baisakh, informing about the auction of these 122,045 units of promoter shares. However, since no applications were received during that period, the shareholders have decided to re-publish the notice and open the auction to the general public once again.

Interested individuals, companies, and institutions are eligible to participate in the auction, and they have a period of 7 days from the date of this notice’s publication, which is the 18th of Jestha, to submit their bids. The minimum bid rate set for the auction is Rs. 125. Shareholders who wish to participate must submit their bids at the central office of the bank, located in Gairidhara, Kathmandu.

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