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Singati Hydro Energy: Offer Letter Published, Right Shares Issue Opens on Falgun 2

Singati Hydro Energy Limited (SHEL) is embarking on a new phase of expansion and growth with the issuance of its 100% rights shares, as outlined in its recently published offer letter. The company has opened the window for applications for these right shares in a generous ratio of 1:1 or 100%, accepting applications from 2nd Falgun to 22nd Falgun, 2080.

In this offering, Singati Hydro Energy Limited plans to issue 100% right shares valued at Rs. 1.45 Arba, equivalent to 14,500,000 (1:1) units of right shares, specifically catering to its existing shareholders. The company, known for its contributions to the hydropower sector, is currently operating with a paid-up capital of Rs. 1.45 Arba. With the proposed issuance and adjustment of the right shares, the paid-up capital is set to undergo a significant boost, reaching Rs. 2.90 Arba.

This strategic move not only reflects Singati Hydro Energy Limited’s commitment to strengthening its financial position but also provides existing shareholders with an exclusive opportunity to participate in the company’s expansion endeavors. The issuance of 100% right shares signifies a bold step towards fortifying the company’s foothold in the hydropower industry, signaling confidence in its future prospects and inviting stakeholders to be part of this exciting phase of growth.


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