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Last Trading Day for Himalayan Everest Insurance Dividend – Act Now!

Investors of Himalayan Everest Insurance Limited (HEI) are urged to seize the opportunity as today marks the final day to avail the enticing 15% dividend proposed by the company. The decision was reached during the 317th board of directors meeting on Poush 25, where it was resolved to distribute dividends based on the paid-up capital of Rs. 2.30 Arba.

In this generous dividend offering, HEI is proposing an 8.63% bonus in the form of shares, amounting to Rs. 19.86 crore, along with an additional 6.37% cash dividend, inclusive of tax, totaling Rs. 14.66 crore. This announcement follows the company’s commitment to rewarding its shareholders for their continued support and investment in the organization.

Furthermore, HEI has called for its 30th Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled for 25th Magh, 2080, at Baneshwor Banquet, Thapagaun, commencing at 11 AM. This AGM serves as a crucial platform for stakeholders to gain insights into the company’s performance, future plans, and financial outlook. Investors attending the meeting will have the opportunity to actively participate in discussions that shape the trajectory of Himalayan Everest Insurance Limited.


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