Shubha Laxmi Kosh NAV Report: Fund Size at Rs. 28.14 Crores, Records Net Loss in Baisakh

The latest NAV report for “Shubha Laxmi Kosh,” an open-ended fund, has been released. As of the month of Baisakh, the fund size stands at Rs. 28.14 crores.

The NAV for Baisakh is recorded at Rs. 9.26. Shubha Laxmi Kosh has invested Rs. 17.22 crores in listed shares and an amount of Rs. 488,276.89 in public issues, right shares, and bonus shares. Additionally, the fund has allocated Rs. 1.44 crores towards bonds/debentures, while the bank balance stands at Rs. 3.84 crores.

The fund has reported a net loss of Rs. 2.08 crores in the month of Baisakh, compared to a net loss of Rs. 93.09 lakhs in the previous month. These figures provide an overview of the fund’s performance during the specified period, offering insights into the investments made and the financial outcome.

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