Attention Shareholders: Claim Your Outstanding Dividends from Sanima Mai Hydropower Limited (SHPC) Now

Sanima Mai Hydropower Limited (SHPC) has issued a notification directed towards shareholders who have not yet received their entitled dividend payments. The company urges these shareholders to take necessary action to claim their outstanding dividends, which were approved during various Annual General Meetings (AGMs).

In order to receive the due dividends, shareholders are required to submit their share certificate, proof of identity, and copies of relevant documents to Sanima Capital Limited, the share registrar of the company. The designated location for the submission of these documents is at Naxal, Kathmandu.

This notice serves as a reminder to shareholders who may have overlooked or not yet claimed their dividends from SHPC. By promptly presenting the necessary documents to the share registrar, these shareholders can ensure that they receive their entitled dividend payments in a timely manner.

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