Shikhar Insurance Company (SICL) is auctioning 77,720.88 ordinary shares starting today.


The right shares of Company Limited (SICL) are up for auction. This is the amount of the rights issue that has yet to be claimed by qualified shareholders. The began today, on the 19th Baisakh, and will end on the 2 Baisakh.

Ordinary right shares the amount of 77,720.88 units are being auctioned. Individuals, institutions, and businesses are all welcome to participate in the auction.

The auction’s minimum bid rate is Rs. 100. The shares have no limit, despite the fact that the minimum bid amount is 100 units. Bidders can bid for the whole issue, however they must adhere to the Nepal Rastra Bank’s guideline of not the specified number of shares per business.

The manager has been named NIBL Ace Capital. Bids will be accepted.

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