Nepal SBI Bank’s bonus shares worth 29.47 lakh have been listed for trading on the NEPSE.

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Nepal SBI Bank Limited (SBI) has listed 29,47,755.9338 unit bonus shares on NEPSE.

On 25th of Poush, 2079, the company held its 29th AGM for the fiscal year 2078/79. For fiscal year 2078/79, the board of approved a 10.53% dividend of Rs. 1.03 Arba. On Mangsir 12, 2079, 492nd board of directors decided to distribute a 10.53% dividend on the paid-up capital of Rs. 9,82,58,53,113, with 3% bonus shares worth Rs. 29,47,75,594 7.53% cash dividend ( tax) worth Rs 73,98,86,735 endorsed. NEPSE now lists same bonus shares.



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