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Sanima Reliance Life Insurance: 100% Delay Charges Waived for Policy Renewals Until Ashoj 26

Sanima Reliance Life Insurance is putting its policyholders first with an exclusive policy renewal campaign from Ashoj 16 to 26, 2080. During this limited-time offer, policyholders who haven’t renewed their policies can seize the opportunity to do so with a remarkable 100% waiver on delay charges. This customer-centric initiative reflects the company’s commitment to providing flexibility and support to its valued clients. With this one-time scheme, Sanima Reliance Life Insurance aims to ensure that all its customers can continue to enjoy the benefits and security of their policies without the burden of additional charges. It’s a win-win opportunity for policyholders, emphasizing the company’s dedication to its clients’ financial well-being and peace of mind.


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