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NIC ASIA Capital Launches Idea to IPO Advisory for National Solar Power Company’s 7.24 Lakh Unit IPO

NIC ASIA Capital has taken a significant step in fostering the growth of National Solar Power Company by entering into a transformative agreement. This partnership brings to life the “Idea to IPO” corporate advisory service, a comprehensive support package that extends from the inception of the company through to its IPO issuance and beyond. National Solar Power Company, with its current operation of a 5 MW solar energy project in Pratapur, Nawalparasi, is poised to expand its horizons by offering 7.24 lakh unit ordinary shares at a price of Rs. 100 per unit to the general public. With this collaboration, NIC ASIA Capital reaffirms its commitment to guiding companies on their journey from innovative ideas to thriving IPOs, propelling the solar energy sector towards a brighter and more sustainable future.


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