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NEPSE Lists 4.75% Bonus Shares of Nepal Reinsurance Company

Nepal Reinsurance Company Limited (NRIC) sets a promising tone for investors with the listing of 58,10,437.50 units of bonus shares on NEPSE, reflecting the company’s commitment to shareholder value. NRIC’s 18th Annual General Meeting, held on the 15th of Ashad, marked a significant milestone as it endorsed a 5% dividend for the fiscal year 2078/79. Furthermore, the board of directors, in its 453rd meeting on Baisakh 17, decided to distribute 4.75% in bonus shares along with 0.25% cash dividend (intended for tax purposes), sourced from the company’s substantial paid-up capital of Rs. 12,23,25,00,000. This strategic move not only showcases NRIC’s dedication to rewarding its investors but also underscores its financial strength and stability in the insurance sector, making it an attractive proposition for those seeking sound investment opportunities.


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