NEPSE Sees Weekly Gain of 4.36% Amidst Four-Day Trading Week

During this week, the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) operated for only four days due to the Bhote Jatra holiday on Thursday. The week concluded with the NEPSE index closing at 1,959.12, showing a gain of 81.80 points or 4.36% compared to the previous week’s closing of 1,877.32. In the previous week, the index had experienced a gain of 2.11% from the week before that.

Throughout the week, the NEPSE index recorded a high of 1,962.55 and a low of 1,866.11, resulting in a volatility of 96.44 points. Comparatively, the previous week had witnessed a volatility of 75.16 points. The fluctuation in the index indicates a certain level of market volatility and movement in stock prices throughout the trading days of the week.

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