Nepse Index Surges by 5.28% This Week, Reaching 2,042.07

The Nepse index experienced significant growth this week, closing at 2,042.07 points, a gain of 102.46 points or 5.28%. Last week, the index closed at 1,939.61 points, showing a 3.93% increase from the previous week.

Throughout the week, the index demonstrated volatility, reaching a high of 2,066.99 points and a low of 1,941.76 points. This indicates a fluctuation of 125.23 points, compared to 84.84 points in the previous week. Technical analysis suggests a bullish trend in both the short-term and mid-term.

The highest intraday gain occurred on Sunday, with a remarkable increase of 40.48 points and a turnover of Rs 3.45 Arba. The total turnover for the week amounted to Rs 18.64 Arba.

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