NEPSE Index Closes at 2,097.09, Recording Gain of 12.16 Points on Last Trading Day of Fiscal Year 2079/80

The fiscal year 2079/80 concluded with the NEPSE Index closing at 2,097.09 on the last trading day. This marked a gain of 12.16 points compared to the previous trading day’s closing value. Throughout the fiscal year, the NEPSE index exhibited volatility, as it rebounded by 281.95 points from a recent low of 1,815.14 to its closing value of 2,097.09.

Despite this recovery, the NEPSE index remains 34.44% below its all-time high, which was recorded on August 18, 2021. This indicates that there has been a significant decline from the peak level reached. The fluctuations in the NEPSE index reflect the changing market conditions and investor sentiment during the fiscal year.

To summarize, the NEPSE index closed at 2,097.09 on the final trading day of the fiscal year 2079/80, showing a modest gain of 12.16 points. Although the index experienced volatility, recovering from a recent low, it is still significantly lower than its all-time high, reflecting a decrease of 34.44%. These fluctuations highlight the dynamic nature of the market and the challenges faced by investors during the fiscal year.

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