Ghorahi Cement Industry Limited Concludes IPO Allotment, Reissues Shares to Public

The IPO allotment of Ghorahi Cement Industry Limited took place at the premises of Nabil Investment Banking Limited in Naxal, Kathmandu. The company had initially issued 69,11,670 units of IPO shares at a price of Rs. 435 per unit (including a premium of Rs. 335) to the general public on Jestha 32, 2079.

However, the IPO faced a temporary setback when the issue was paused due to investors applying for shares without having sufficient funds. After conducting a thorough investigation, the company took transparent and corrective measures. As a result, Ghorahi Cement Industry Limited has decided to re-issue the 69,11,670 units of IPO shares to the general public from the 22nd to the 25th of Ashad, 2080.

The company has a total issued capital of Rs. 3.97 Arba, out of which 20% (79,43,801 unit shares) was set aside for the public, including locals, Nepalese citizens working abroad, and the general public. Additionally, 1% (397,190 unit shares) were issued to project-affected locals of Dang District, and 7,54,661 unit shares were issued to Nepalese citizens working abroad starting from 18th Baisakh.

Out of the shares issued to project-affected locals, only 77,290 shares were allotted to valid applicants. The public issue for Nepalese migrant workers was undersubscribed by 19.65% or 148,311 units. Consequently, the unsubscribed shares were added to the shares reserved for the general public.

According to the offer letter, out of the total issued capital, 79,43,801 unit shares (20%) were allotted to the project-affected locals, 606,350 units were allotted to Nepalese citizens working abroad, 328,961 units were set aside for mutual funds, and 19,530 units were reserved for the company’s employees. The remaining shares, after all previous allotments and reservations, amount to a total of 69,11,670 units and are available for the general public.

The IPO received applications from 5,57,701 valid applicants, who applied for a total of 77,93,710 units, resulting in oversubscription by more than 1.12 times.

In summary, Ghorahi Cement Industry Limited concluded its IPO allotment and has decided to reissue the shares to the general public. The company faced initial challenges due to insufficient funds from investors but has taken corrective measures. The IPO received significant interest from valid applicants, oversubscribing the issue.

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