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Lumbini Bikas Bank Initiates Auction of Promoter Shares to General Public and Institutions

The current promoter of Lumbini Bikas Bank Limited (LBBL) has initiated an auction of 2,00,639 units of shares, making them available for interested members of the general public and institutions starting today. Bil Bahadur Gurung and Bindu Kumar Thapa, the promoters of LBBL, are selling 1,46,748 units and 53,891 units of their promoter shares to interested parties from the general public and institutions. The initial notice had been previously published to the existing promoter shareholders, but since no applications were received from these shareholders within the specified timeframe, the shares are now accessible for auction to the general public and institutions.

Potential investors are requested to submit their bids for the auction within 15 days from the publication date of this notice, which is the 21st of Kartik. Bidders should provide their offers at the central office of the company, located in Dillibazar, Kathmandu. As of the most recent available data, LBBL closed at Rs. 371.00 in its last trading session, with LBBLPO having an LTP (Last Traded Price) of Rs. 182 as of the 4th of June, 2023.


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