IPO Warning! City Hotel Limited will issue initial public offering (IPO) shares to Nepalese citizens working abroad and the general public.


City Hotel Limited has issued an offer letter to Nepalese citizens working abroad and the general public in preparation for its Initial Public Offering (IPO).

From the 21st Chaitra, 2079, the company will issue 1,67,400 unit shares of Rs 100 face value to Nepalese citizens working abroad. This issue will be closed on the 5th of Baisakh, 2080.

Similarly, on the 25th of Baisakh, 2080, the company will issue 13,55,940 unit shares with a face value of Rs 100 to the general public.

This issue’s early closing date is on 28th Baisakh, and if it is not fully subscribed, it can be extended until 8th Jestha, 2080.

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