All 5 NIC Asia Capital Mutual Fund Schemes have published the Falgun Month NAV Report.



The financial highlights for the month of Falgun have been published by NIC Asia Balanced Fund (NICBF), a 10-year close-end mutual fund scheme managed by NIC Asia Capital. The period’s NAV was Rs. 10.73, which was lower than the previous month’s NAV of Rs. 11.26.

The scheme started with a Rs. 75.50 crore fund, including seed capital from the fund sponsor. The scheme has spent Rs. 43.10 crores on listed company shares and Rs. 19.52 crores on debentures. Non-listed shares are worth Rs. 1.34 crores. The amount invested in fixed deposits is Rs. 9 crores, and the bank balance is Rs. 4.38 crores.


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