India’s electricity demand increases in October as a result of a continuing coal shortage


According to a Reuters analysis of government data, India’s electricity demand increased by 4.9 percent in the half of October, with supply falling short of demand by 1.4 percent despite a 3.2 percent increase in coal-fired and a 30 percent increase in photovoltaic production.

In response to the second wave of the coronavirus, increased financial activity has pushed up electricity demand, resulting in a supply deficit as a result of a coal shortage that has forced northern states to reduce energy this month for up to 14 hours per day.

Because of the rapid increase in energy demand and the high cost of coal around the world, utilities are scrambling to obtain coal – India’s dominant source of energy technology – regardless of the report provided by state-run Coal India, which has a near-monopoly in coal manufacturing.

As a result of an analysis of from the federal grid regulator POSOCO, coal’s share of India’s electricity increased to approximately 70% in its fifteen days in from a mean of 66.5 percent for all of the previous month. This is in contrast to a mean of 66.5 percent for the entire month of September.

According to from the federal energy ministry, nearly three-fifths of India’s coal-fired power plants currently have coal inventories that will last three days or less.

In the short term, the common coal stock held by energy vegetation would last 4 days, which is a two-thirds decrease from a mean of 12 days two months ago.

The energy minister of the power-hungry nation had requested in early September that officers consider diverting coal to energy plants with extremely low stock levels and reducing stock targets to 10 days from 14 days in order to allow coal to be moved to areas of greatest shortage.

According to information from the ability ministry, a reallocation in coal supplies the previous two months has resulted in an increase in the variety of energy plants with 1-3 days of gas inventory, whereas the variety of energy plants with more than every of inventory has decreased.

While this is still true, the number of utilities that have run of coal has increased to 18 from 1 on August 12.

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