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Three Star Hydropower Limited (TSHL) Announces Conclusion of Lock-In Period for Mutual Fund Shares as per SEBON Directives

Three Star Hydropower Limited (TSHL) has officially notified its investors and stakeholders regarding the conclusion of the lock-in period for 36,938 unit shares held by Mutual Funds. This development aligns with the most recent directives issued by the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON). The lock-in period for these shares, which commenced on Ashadh 19, 2080, has officially expired as of Poush 18, 2080.

TSHL, with a total of 4,925,000 units of shares listed on the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE), had allocated 5 percent of this, equivalent to 7,38,750 units, exclusively for Mutual Funds. Within this allocation, 36,938 units of shares were specifically subjected to the lock-in period in accordance with SEBON’s directives issued on Kartik 20. Investors and stakeholders are now formally informed that the lock-in period for these 36,938 unit shares has concluded as of the 18th of Poush.


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