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NEPSE Index Witnesses a 1.02% Decline

The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) Index experienced a decline of 21.67 points, equivalent to 1.02% from the previous day’s closing, settling at 2,097.93 points. In contrast, the index had recorded a gain of 14.88 points in the preceding trading session.

The market commenced today with an opening index of 2,119.17, witnessing fluctuations throughout the day, ranging from an intraday low of 2,088.48 to an intraday high of 2,131.28.

During the day’s trading activities, a total of 313 different stocks were traded in 95,645 transactions, with a trading volume of 14,777,120 shares and a total turnover of Rs. 5.529 Arba. The market capitalization stood at Rs. 32.96 Kharba, and the float market capitalization was Rs. 11.31 Kharba.

Himalayan Reinsurance Limited (HRL) led in terms of turnover, achieving a total of Rs. 63.87 crore and concluding the day with a market price of Rs. 714.60.

In the realm of top gainers, Samling Power Company Limited (SPC) exhibited the highest gain of 9.87%, followed closely by Mandakini Hydropower Limited (MHL) with a gain of 9.67%. These positive movements were observed in today’s trading session.

These developments in the Nepal Stock Exchange highlight the dynamic nature of the market, with fluctuations in indices, turnovers, and notable performances by specific stocks. The information also underscores the significance of various factors influencing the financial landscape and investor sentiments.NEPSE Index Witnesses a 1.02% Decline


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