“Global IME Bank Records Impressive Q4 FY 79-80: Core Business Growth Drives Rs. 7.25 Arba Net Profit”


Global IME Bank Limited (GBIME) has released its fourth quarter report for the fiscal year 2079-80, revealing a significant rise in Net Profit to Rs. 7.25 Arba, marking a 46.26 percent increase from the previous year’s Rs. 4.95 Arba during the same period. The bank has seen notable growth in both Net Interest Income and Operating Profit, which have surged by 66.37 percent and 40.57 percent, respectively. GBIME achieved a total core business revenue of Rs. 17.11 Arba in FY 2079-80, contributing to an Operating Profit of Rs. 10.10 Arba up to the same period.


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